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    So many people say you can't buy happiness but what happens when the source of your mental health is being cash strapped. Everyday I worry about money. People always identify me by my generation, which is known for being lazy, jobless and carefree. Sad part is all I want is to be able to build a future. I want a house even if its tiny that I can call my own, a dog I can take care of and love and to be able to afford these things seems insane. I feel like it's so difficult to just make it by even if you are creative, hard working and inspired. Money makes the world go round.</p>

Cherry Vanilla sorbet

Take 2 cups frozen sour cherries
1 cup frozen strawberries
7 packets of 0.6g of Stevia
3 teaspoons liquid golden honey
3 shots light sorbet mango passion fruit smirnoff vodka
2 shots fluffed marshmallow smirnoff vodka

Place fruit in bowl let stand 5 minutes or until it is slightly unfrozen with the capacity to be blended. Once slightly thawed place fruit and remainder of ingredients in blender put on high speed( I use my hand blender) place in freezer once fruit is ground the vodka will keep it the right texture when kept frozen make sure you put in a resealable container. Enjoy once frozen!

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